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A True experience, our goal with every event

TRUE Bruges has been organizing events since 2008. Together, we always go for the best experience, for you and your guests. A thorough service, a lot of expertise and a generous portion of creativity are our guiding principles. TRUE loves a personal approach.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your vision for your event. Only in this way can we create an event that respects your wishes and budget, yet is also surprising and unique.

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Our event planners take care of you and your guests

We have the most fun when you and your guests are having fun. That is why everything is done with the greatest care: from the choice of decoration, to the welcoming of your guests. The positive reactions afterwards are therefore the crowning glory of our work. For TRUE, the past years mean above all a wealth of experiences and contacts, both with our clients and local suppliers.

Our family owned DMC in Bruges provides tours, incentives and all kind of business programs. Ready for a real local adventure?Geoffrey, a creative historian, and Liesbeth, a passionate economist, together with the team, guarantee a very personal service. This teamwork is expressed in a great commitment to our customers, but also to Bruges, our partners and suppliers.

Destination management company (DMC) in Bruges.

Our base of operations for many of our events? Bruges. As a destination management company, we have a thorough knowledge of the city and its hidden gems. Bruges holds no secrets for us. So we always find the most unique location and activity for your event.

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