International meeting for Lanxess in Bruges

A perfect mix of business and inspiration

For Lanxess, we organized a multi-day seminar at the beautiful Dukes' Palace hotel in Bruges. This event was not just another meeting; it was an experience that struck the perfect balance between professional meetings and enjoying all the beauty that Bruges has to offer.

Dukes' Palace Hotel Brugge

Our seminar took place at the impressive Dukes' Palace hotel, a venue known for its elegant ambiance and excellent amenities. Amidst luxury and comfort, we created an inspiring environment for meetings and presentations, where Lanxess experts from around the world came together to share knowledge and discuss new strategies.

Work and Inspiration in Bruges

Bruges, with its historic charm, provided the ideal backdrop for this event. After intensive work sessions, participants had the chance to explore the city, with its picturesque canals, medieval architecture and cozy alleys. A city that not only embraces business success, but also understands the art of relaxation and inspiration!

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Informal Evening at Bourgogne des Flandres Brewery

After a day of hard work, it was time for an informal gathering. The Bourgogne des Flandres Brewery welcomed us for an enjoyable evening. Here participants were able to relax, network and enjoy local brewing. It was an informal setting that strengthened ties and gave participants a chance to get to know each other in a different way.

Last evening with a view

The icing on the cake was our closing night at Bruges' impressive Concertgebouw. Here, participants were treated to an intimate concert featuring top local jazz musicians. The unique view of the historic city center added a touch of magic to the evening. After the concert, guests enjoyed a delicious dinner.