Festive dinner at the historical Adornes Manoir

A fine example of a historical heritage venue

A fundamental part of any incentive is a unique dining experience. Here we chose the unique setting of the Adornes city palace, a historic jewel in Bruges that offers an enchanting atmosphere for an unforgettable evening. The rich history of the palace thus provides the backdrop for a unique evening for your employees, associates or clients.

Concert at Jerusalem Church

Make your evening extra special by starting with an intimate concert at the Jerusalem Church, a unique venue that adds to the magic of the evening. Let the sounds of live music welcome you as you immerse yourself in the historic ambiance of this special church. A perfect warm-up for the exquisite dinner that follows.

True Bruges Jeruzalem concert
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True bruges heritage venue Jeruzalemkerk
True Bruges Adornes diner Brugge event heritage
True Bruges Adornes diner Jeruzalemkerk Brugge
True Bruges Adornes heritage dinner Brugge

Specializing in Unique Heritage Venues

We are proud of our specialization in offering unique heritage venues in Bruges. Our venues contribute to the authentic atmosphere of the city and provide an unparalleled setting for special moments. Whether it is a romantic dinner, a corporate event or a festive occasion, we ensure that every experience with us is an unforgettable one.

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