FBT Study day in Bruges

Study day in Brugge for FBT

On a bright day in Bruges, the FBT umbrella organization of Belgian laundries gathered for an inspiring study day. Held at the prestigious Dukes' Palace hotel, the location was perfectly chosen - centrally located with ample parking and everything Bruges has to offer within walking distance. 
The day began with captivating speakers, inspiring keynotes and lots of consultation moments where participants could delve into important topics and exchange ideas. During the breaks, there was room to relax and enjoy the beautiful gardens of Dukes' Palace, which provided a unique setting for reflection and conversation. 
In addition to the program at the hotel, Bruges itself offered a varied program that focused on meeting. Participants were able to explore the city, enjoy its rich history and culture, and get to know each other better during informal moments. A highlight of the day was the festive aperitif moment, followed by a Belgian beer walking dinner, where participants could sample local delicacies and experience Belgium's culinary traditions. 
Bruges proved to be the perfect location for such a seminar or summit, where the charm of the city and the convenience of having everything within walking distance were a great asset. The combination of an inspiring program, beautiful surroundings and culinary delights made this day an unforgettable experience for all participants.
True Bruges FBT seminarie in Brugge
True Bruges FBT meeting in Brugge dukes

Also looking for an inspiring day? Contact us today and we will gladly invite you for a walk in Bruges to already get a taste of the atmosphere and the possibilities.

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True Bruges meeting in Brugge FBT
True bruges FBT congres brugge diner
True Bruges FBT congres diner Bourgogne des Flandres
True Bruges FBT congres Dukes Palace dmc brugge
True Bruges FBT meeting in Brugge
True Bruges FBT seminarie Brugge
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