Daikin Summits

Daikin Summits

As DMC in Bruges, we are privileged to regularly collaborate with Daikin, an innovative climate solutions company.

In close cooperation with Daikin, we have organised numerous international conferences and summits that have Bruges as their setting. Often with hybrid solutions where we combine online and onsite solutions. Our experienced team guarantees flawless execution, from the initial concept phase to the last moment of the event.

We strive to bring Daikin's vision to life in every congress we organise, not only supporting business objectives but also leaving a lasting impression on all participants. Discover TRUE's capabilities and make your next congress in Bruges an extraordinary event.

True Bruges event Concertgebouw music

Conference venues in Bruges

Bruges offers a wide range of possibilities for organising conferences that are both enriching and unforgettable. With impressive infrastructure and an abundance of historical splendour, Bruges provides the perfect setting for corporate events.

The Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre (BMCC) serves business meetings, with state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking views over the city. The Concertgebouw, an architectural masterpiece, provides a unique setting for conferences with a cultural touch, where art and business come together in harmony.

Besides these established venues, Bruges also has plenty of unique places to give a warm welcome to congress participants. From intimate courtyards to atmospheric historic venues, the city offers various options for welcome receptions and congress dinners.

In short, Bruges offers not only modern facilities for business events, but also a historical charm that transforms every meeting into an unforgettable experience. Whether for meetings, receptions or dinners, this city has the ideal setting for a successful congress.

True Bruges Concertgebouw Kamermuziekzaal apero
True Bruges Brugeoise brugge event stage
True Bruges Concertgebouw Kamermuziekzaal apero
True Bruges Daikin Brugeoise corporate event
True Bruges Brugeoise Brugge corporate event
True Bruges meeting in Kamermuziekzaal Concertgebouw
True Bruges Concertgebouw Kamermuziekzaal animatie
True Bruges Concertgebouw Kamermuziekzaal meeting