Sightseeing tours in Bruges

Discover the Highlights of Bruges

Walk or bike through the cobblestone streets and be enchanted by Bruges' highlights. Admire the majestic Belfry, stroll along the picturesque canals and experience the splendor of medieval architecture in the historic heart of Bruges. Our expert guides share historical facts but more importantly fascinating stories, giving you a deeper insight into the rich history of this enchanting city.

Perfect During Congresses, Incentives or Meetings

Our guided tours are perfect to fit into your conference, incentive or meeting. Whether you are looking for a relaxing walk after a day of meetings or an inspiring team building activity, we adapt to your needs. Our tours are offered in different languages so that everyone can enjoy this special experience.

Let us create your Bruges experience

Discover Bruges in ways you never thought possible. Let us know how we can personalize your visit and create an unforgettable experience for you and your party. Contact us today and discover the best of Bruges with our exclusive guided walking and cycling tours.


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A Combination of Highlights and Hidden Gems

Our tours go beyond the usual tourist routes. We take you to the lesser-known spots of Bruges, where the city reveals its true character. Discover charming courtyards, picturesque alleys and breathtaking views known only to locals. Our mission is to create a perfect balance between the classic highlights and the hidden corners of Bruges.

Unique Experiences On Your Tour

What makes our tours truly special are the unique experiences we incorporate. Enjoy an exclusive chocolate demonstration in a private studio, meet local artists and admire their masterpieces, or experience the serene beauty of Bruges from the water on a private boat ride on the Reien. Each visit is carefully curated to leave an unforgettable impression.

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