Incentive for top dealers in Bruges

Top 3-day stay in Bruges

At TRUE, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences, and recently we had the pleasure of organizing an exclusive incentive for New Holland's valued customers.

Our 3-day trip through Bruges was steeped in surprises, adventures and unforgettable moments. Amid the city's enchanting historic charm, we began with an engaging company tour that gave participants an in-depth insight into New Holland's craftsmanship.

After a day of inspiration, we invited our guests to an informal evening at the Halve Maan Brewery, where craft beers and local delicacies set the tone for a convivial get-together.

The highlight of the incentive was without a doubt the magnificent gala dinner in the historic Provincial Court.

During this unforgettable trip, our guests stayed at the Dukes' Palace Hotel, an oasis of luxury and comfort in the heart of the city. The majestic residence offered not only a peaceful retreat, but also the perfect base from which to explore the wonderful sights of Bruges.

True Bruges New Holland bezoek brouwerij Brugge

In search of the "real" Bruges?

As a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) in enchanting Bruges, our mission is to take our guests on a behind-the-scenes journey in search of the authentic heart of the city.

With us, it's not just about admiring the beautiful architecture and historical sights; we want our guests to experience the "real" Bruges. That means we take them to unique, hidden locations steeped in history and character. From old artisan stores to charming studios of local artists, each place tells a story and offers a glimpse of the Bruges that is often hidden from the eye.

Our incentives go beyond the classic tourist routes. We want to put our guests in touch with the soul of Bruges.

At every location, Bruges' hospitality is central. Whether meeting a local artisan, talking to a passionate artist, or enjoying an intimate concert, our guests experience the warmth and friendliness of the locals in an unforgettable way.

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True Bruges New Holland Prov Hof
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