Reizen naar Morgen

'Reizen naar Morgen' Conference in Bruges

Reizen naar Morgen, an initiative of Tourism Flanders, explores the future of tourism with a focus on sustainability, innovation and local involvement. The congress in Bruges provided a dynamic platform where experts, stakeholders and professionals came together to explore the latest developments in the tourism sector.

The congress offered a rich programme with inspiring keynotes and engaging workshops. Speakers shared their insights on the evolution of tourism and the role of sustainability in the sector. Participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and take advantage of valuable networking opportunities.

Experience the "Travelling to Tomorrow" Concept

Besides the content of the congress, we also wanted, as always, to offer participants a tangible experience of the "Travel to Tomorrow" concept. Bruges, with its rich history and unique charm, served as the perfect setting for this experience.

  • Local Encounters: Participants were encouraged to engage with the local community and discover how sustainable tourism can have a positive impact on both visitors and residents.
  • Unique Venues: Workshops and presentations took place at several unique locations in Bruges, allowing participants to experience the city's authentic atmosphere.
  • Local Ingredients: Culinary delights using local ingredients were integrated into the programme, giving participants a literal taste of Bruges.

Our team of professionals contributed to the success of the "Travels to Tomorrow" conference with dedication and expertise. As a PCO, we strive to create events that are not only informative and inspiring, but also contribute to a positive impact on the community and the environment.

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